Bumpin’, an abbreviated form of “Bumping”, is the spirit of this whole new brand originated from Bandai. 


We believe that unique and pioneering products can only be created after experiencing different types of “bumping”.

Bumpin’ around ...

Collaborate with various designers and artists to create bumps between original concepts and thoughts. That is the moment the most personalized idea is extracted. 


Material is the foundation of a product. Refining the optimum material takes countless tests, processing, decompositions and syntheses. Every detail matters.  


Premium products can only be achieved by the harmonic fusion of innovative design and diversified printing technology. This is our spirit of craftmanship. 

Bumpin’ Robotic Snake
Bumpin’ Robotic Snake

The mechanical Bumpin’ Robotic Snake symbolises unbounded possibilities and is endowed with a soul by embodying its original brand logo Bumpin’ design.  


The integration of the concept of “magnet” also enables the Robotic Snake to change into different forms in different occasions, echoing to the brand fundamental spirit of infinite creativity.